CLPFV-001 Pipe Face Valve

The Clevertek pipe face valve model CPFV-001 is designed to prevent water from moving through a pipe system by completely blocking the pipe entrance or exit.

Pipe Face Valve Features and Benefits

  • Can completely block and seal water off from moving through a pipe,
  • Requires less energy to seal pipe than regular knife gates,
  • Can be used for stormwater, irrigation and virtually any other situation where it is required to prevent water from moving through a pipe,
  • Rapid closing,
  • Low cost,
  • Less material than standard knife gate valves and far less embedded energy,
  • Less opportunity to develop leaks due to smaller contact (seal) area,
  • Less opportunity for grit or debris to obstruct closing operation,


Pipe Face ValveĀ Applications

  • Stormwater harvesting systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Sub-divisions and housing developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Management of run-off from roads
  • Commercial developments