About Us


The senior design engineers at Clevertek, boast over 25 years experience in the stormwater quality and stormwater management industry. The inspiration to design effective gross pollutant traps (GPT’s) stemmed from the inadequacy of most GPT’s in the market during that time. Through the use and experience of working with GPT’s, the engineers at Clevertek noticed that nearly all models available contained similar flaws in their design and subsequent function. Clevertek GPT’s all adhere to key principles that directly resolve the issues associated with these other models. Clevertek GPT’s are all assisted by gravity due to their orientation so that litter and gross pollutants do not directly sit on screening mechanisms, which dramatically reduces blockages. The Echidna model also makes use of LOR’s whereas the DSF model makes use of nested vortices and a patented dragon scale filter. We believe that this new way of looking at GPT design will create a paradigm shift in the stormwater industry.

For similar reasons, Clevertek have recently expanded their product range to include other products within the broader water engineering industry other than GPT’s.

Clevertek products currently available to the market are:

CLT-002C (Echidna) Gross Pollutant Trap,
CLT-004P (DSF) Gross Pollutant Trap,
CLPFV-001 Pipe Face Valve,
CLFG-001 Flood Gate.